Your Web Pager button WILL NOT activate or show on your site until you have entered your email address as per the instructions below. This prevents the pager from being activated before it is set up to work correctly.

  • Log into the Admin Menu.
  • Select the Web Pager Setup link from the Admin Menu.
  • Enter the email address for your pager or cell phone.
    Please contact your service provider for the email address of your phone.
  • Enter brief instructions for the visitor if needed.
  • In the Display Page Me as section, choose whether you want the pager to be displayed as a graphic icon or a text link.
    Note: The Graphic Icon option is only available in Classic Layouts 2, 3 and 4.

    • Text link will display the link as a regular button or text link.
    • Graphic Icon will display a PAGE ME graphic icon. An example is shown below.

  • Save Changes.