The following guidelines will be helpful for developing your own custom Flash Intro’s.

  • All Flash must be in SWF (shockwave) file format.
  • Flash versions 4-6mx is supported. Flash MX2004 format is not supported at this time.
    • You can change the published .swf version to flash 6mx in the Publish Settings section of Flash.
  • Recommended Flash size is 600 x 400 to 1200 x 800 pixels.
  • Flash file size should be less than 250K – This is not an absolute rule, but file sizes larger than 250K will take a much longer time to load for dial-up users.
  • The Flash SWF file should be fully self contained, able to play as a stand alone file. Loading external images or flash movies will not work as these external files cannot be uploaded to your flash file.
  • Because the background color of the flash is often contained in the html of the flash page, and not the flash file itself, the background color of your flash intro may not be correct. Please contact us at with the correct hexadecimal color code for the background. We will be happy to update the background color for you. Please note that for some of the newer layouts this is not an option.