iHOUSE Websites offer two solutions for managing multiple domain names.

1st Option: We create and maintain an electronic redirection from your old domain name so that it automatically “points” to your new iHOUSE site This is the most search engine-friendly option to managing multiple domains. $4.98 per month.

2nd Option: We create and host a mirror copy of your new web site under either a new domain or an existing one. $4.98 per month

The Mirror Website option allows you to have multiple domain names for a single site. We will create a “mirror” of your site for each domain name we host as a mirror site. The mirror will create a duplicate of your website at the mirrored domain.

Attention: It is strongly recommended that you choose a redirect over a mirror due to the potential negative effects mirroring a site can have with search engine ranking.

1. Why Do I Need This?

-Mirror sites and URL Redirects are used for several reasons.

  • You have a new domain name but you would like search engines, people and other traffic to still have the ability to access your site with the old address.
  • You want to have target domain names that you can use in marketing or advertising to track visitors to your site.

2. What’s The Difference Between the Mirror Site And the URL Redirect?

  • A redirect automatically sends incoming traffic to the primary domain listed on your account.
  • A mirrored domain will create an exact duplicate of your website at the new domain name. People viewing this domain will see its address in their browser’s URL bar, rather than the primary domain on the account.
  • Search engines strongly prefer that holders of multiple domain names for the same web content use redirects to eliminate indexing duplicative content.

Here is how both our mirror service and our redirect service works:

3. How Do I Sign Up For A Mirror Site or a URL Redirect?

  • Click on the house at the bottom of your homepage and log into the Admin Menu
  • Click on the Add Options tab.
  • Select Add for URL Redirect.
  • Select “New” domain name if you would like us to register a new domain name for you for a $25 annual fee. Select “Transfer” domain name if you already have an existing domain name and would like to use it with our service. You will receive an email confirmation of your Mirror Website/URL redirect order.