Once a file is uploaded via the File Manager you can link to the file within your website as follows:

Login to File Manager

  • Click on the house at the bottom of your homepage and log into the Admin Menu.
  • Choose “File Manager” from the Admin Menu.

Step 1 – Viewing and copying the link to the file.

  • Select the Edit / Info button for the file that you want to link to.
  • Under the “Current File Details” note the “Link” displayed in blue.
  • Place your cursor on the link and click – The link should be highlighted.
  • The link will look similar to this:
  • Copy the link. For PC’s hold the control key and hit C. For Macs hold the Apple key and hit C. A copy of the link will be temporarily saved to your clipboard to be pasted elsewhere.

Step 2 – Adding the link to the file on your site.

Note: The sample link shown below in purple will be the actual link copied in Step 1 above.

Example code:
[your text here;http://control.cisdata.net/bin/filelink.php/AR123456/######/]

  1. [your text here;http://control.cisdata.net/bin/filelink.php/AR123456/######/]
  2. Open the code with an opening bracket “["
  3. "your text here" is the text that you wish to link.
  4. The semicolon ";" separates the text from the actual link
  5. http://control.cisdata.net/bin/filelink.php/AR123456/######/ is the actual link copied from the File Manager (see Step 1 above).
  6. Close the code with a close bracket "]“

Please feel free to contact us for assistance on this process if you have any questions, either via email at support@ihouseweb.com or via phone at 866-645-7700.