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Google Sites is an application that makes building a website for your organization as easy as editing a document. With Google Sites, teams can quickly gather a variety of information in one place—including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text—and easily share it for viewing or editing with a small group, an entire organization, or the world.

Check out our Google Sites guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create your site.

Possible team site content includes:




  • New hire information

  • Employee directory

  • Current projects

  • Company policies

  • Upcoming events

  • Offsite schedule

  • Launch announcements

  • Press events

  • Employee satisfaction survey

  • Event registration

Add resources to your Site

X says, “Changes in any Google Docs or Forms will be reflected on Google Sites automatically. Employees can now access this information, anytime, anywhere and on any device.”

See our Google Sites guide for instructions on how to add surveys, Docs, Sheets, and Slides to your site.

Use Forms to...

Use Sheets to...

Use Docs & Slides to...

  • Share and update company policies and training information

Share your Site publicly or across your organization

  1. From any page, click at the top right. This takes you to the Sharing and Permissions tab under Manage Site.

  1. Find Who has access and click Change.

Here you can set Visibility options to make your site public on the web, accessible only within your organization, or private for a list of specified users. You can also choose whether pages can be found via search, or accessed only by linking to it directly.

Best practices

  • Choose a clean, minimalist template to make your information and images really stand out. In the example above, we used Browse the gallery for more > Business collaboration > Ultimate Blank White.

  • Make it part of your onboarding process. Share your site with new team members and include training exercises on the site.

  • Keep it updated. Information can get outdated quickly—Luckily, Sites are fast and easy to update.


The information and recommendations in this document were gathered through our work with a variety of clients and environments in the field. We thank our customers and partners for sharing their experiences and insights.

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