The Spotlight Editor is your personal website editor. All activity related to editing and updating each of your unique websites can be done here.

Quick Edit

This is a text editor tool for quick access to specific text areas of your website.


Features include:

  • Agent/Office Profile: Manage your contact information, photo, logo, bio, and designations.
  • Listing Info: Manage listing details, address, open house dates, and submissions.
  • Photo Gallery: Manage listing photos, virtual tour link, and floor plans.
  • Resources: Manage Resources Page buttons, links, articles, and text.
  • Links: Manage Links Page text and links.
  • Documents: Manage documents associated with the listing website.

Site Settings

You can choose to hide website pages and/or the listing address from Site Settings.

View Site

This feature allows you to view your listing website as it will appear to the outside world. View Site can be used at any time, but is especially helpful when your website has a status of preview. You can use View Site to review edits and updates immediately after you have made them.

Edit Mode

This is a visual editor tool designed to help you make changes and edits to content while viewing it in a website view mode.

To use:

  • Click on Edit Mode
  • In any area that has an edit button, you can click on the button and you will be brought to the edit section of that area.
  • In any area where you need to upload a photo, click on the Browse button to access your local drive and select photos to upload.
  • In all cases, make sure you click on the Save button to save changes.
  • When you are finished making changes and viewing in Edit Mode, click on the Finished button to return to the Spotlight Editor.


This feature allows you to set and change the navigation, style and color palette of your listing website. You can use Layout to edit your website style and color palette at any time.

To use:

  • Click on Layout
  • Select a Layout, Style and Color Palette
  • Save your changes
  • Set as Default if you would like this Layout to be used as a default for future websites.
  • When you are finished, click on the Finished button to return to the Spotlight Editor.