What is MarketReach?
MarketReach is an email marketing tool that allows you to send pre-designed email campaigns. A campaign is a series of emails that are sent on a pre-determined schedule.
MarketReach provides an extensive Contact Manager to store and manage your contacts in addition to online tools to create, customize and send your emails.

How does MarketReach Work?
MarketReach provides step by step wizards to create and build email marketing campaigns. The following overview provides a general description of the process. 

  1. Create an email (eCard) – Create individual emails called eCards. Each email can be saved and used later in a campaign.

  2. Create a Campaign – Select multiple eCards (emails) for your campaign.

  3. Select recipients for your email campaign from your Contact Manager.

  4. Set delivery schedules for your eCards.

  5. Send your email campaign.

  6. Follow-up. After the last eCard is sent you will be notified via email with campaign details. Follow-up with your potential client or activate another campaign if you like.