Archiving a contact from your Contact Database allows you to store their information, but hides them from any lists and prevents them from receiving any currently scheduled campaigns.

Archived Contacts can be examined, maintained, and unarchived by using the “Contact Maintenance” feature in the Contact Manager. Unarchiving a contact will return them to any lists and campaigns they were previously in.

In order to Archive a contact, please follow these steps:

1) Log in to MarketReach.

2) Click on “Organize Contacts”

3) Click on “Contact Maintenance”

4) Either specify a search or click on the “Search” button without making any changes to bring up the entire contact list.

5) Locate the contact you wish to manage in the list of contacts that appears, then check the box next to the contact, and then click on “Archive Checked Contacts”. You may archive as many as 250 contacts at once.

In order to Unarchive a contact, simply specify that you are searching for Archived contacts in step 4, then check the box next to any contacts you want to unarchive and click “Unarchive Checked Contacts”. You may unarchive up to 250 contacts at once.