You can create new custom campaigns using pre-set templates and custom eCards:

  • Campaign Creator allows you to define your own custom campaign.
  • Campaigns are a collection of eCards set up to send out on specific days.
  • With Campaign Creator, you get to define all aspects of a campaign.

When you are ready to create a campaign, follow these steps:

  • Access the Create a Campaign screen by clicking the eMarketing tab at the top of Market Reach and then clicking Create Campaign. 
  • Step One: Enter your campaign’s identifying information, including a name and description for the campaign and click Save and Continue. 

  • Step Two: Select eCards or Property Flyers to add to your campaign.
    • There are two tabs in the center of the page to allow you to toggle between eCards and Property Flyers.
    • Select an eCard or Flyer and choose “Add This eCard”. You may add as many eCards or Flyers as you would like to send out. 

If necessary, change the Drip Order in the top right corner to determine the article order.
Select Set Drip Days and View Summary to continue. 

  • Step Three: This step is to determine the frequency at which your eCards or Flyers are sent out.
    • On the Summary Page, you can Edit the Campaign name or eCards, change the Drip OrderAdd more eCards, or Remove current eCards.
    • Select Save ChangesNo ChangesSave and Send, or Delete Campaign.
    • If necessary, scroll your mouse over the Info logo in the top right corner for helpful tips and advice.