• From the Home page, select “Create & Browse eCards”
  • Select “Create New eCard”
  • Click on a folder to select an audience for your eCard. i.e. Buyers, Sellers, Agents etc.
  • Click on an article name to select the article to send.
    (See sample below)

  • Click a thumbnail image to select a visual theme.

  • Click a thumbnail to select a layout.

Adding Content and Editing your eCard

  • - Click on any  button to add content to your card.
  • Update the following items at a minimum:
    1. Add Email Subject Line – This is the subject line of your email
    2. Add Article or Message – This is the actual content of your email.
  • Use the article menu provided to select an article OR
  • Type or paste in your custom content.
  • Online help is provided during this step and all steps.

Saving and Sending your eCard

  • After you have added content to your card click the  button to view the finished card as it will be sent.
  • Saving options include:

  • If you decide to save your eCard, you will then be prompted to provide a name and description for your card. Fill in the desired information, place your eCard in a folder and click, “Save.”
  • Your eCard has now been saved in the desired folder and can be accessed through the eMarketing tab from your homepage.