A macro is a code that pulls information from a database and inserts it in place of the macro.

You can use macros to personalize your auto-response emails like you would in a mail-merge. You can setup your auto-response emails to include the name of your recipient as well as other information you have stored about them. For example: “Hello {FirstName},” will insert this person’s first name from the database of registered users. So if John Doe registers on your site, the email he receives will say “Hello John,”.

When using macros in your auto-response emails, copy the macro from the examples list below to reduce the chance of typos:

  • {FirstName}
  • {LastName}
  • {FullName}
  • {Email}
  • {Phone}

Note: Do not delete the following macros from your auto-response emails: {AccountRegistrationInformation}, {SearchCriteria}, or {HousetrackData}. These are used by our system to insert important data like the user’s account info or search results into the email.

You can also edit your signature and check the box to include it. Your signature works like a macro – once you set it up you can choose to include it in any email that your website sends for you.