This option in the Linked Accounts Menu allows you to link your Google account to your iHOUSE Elite website. Once your Google account has been linked, you will be able to use it to log in quickly and easily, and also sync your LeadTracker contacts with your Google Contacts.

Note: This feature is not related to the iHouse Google For Work suite, but you can link your iHouse Google For Work account like any other account.

To start the process, head to the Linked Accounts section of your Admin Menu.

Click the Sign In button.

Now, Google will ask you to give us permission to access some of your basic information, and also to allow us access to your contacts. These permissions are necessary in order to provide the LeadTracker contact sync service. Click Accept to continue.

Check Yes to start syncing your LeadTracker contacts with Google Contacts. If you only want to use your Google Account as an alternative login service, you can skip the rest of this article and continue using the site as normal. On the Login screen, you'll see the option to use your linked Google account.

To view your contacts, go to Gmail and click Mail on the top of the left sidebar. A “LeadTracker” group will be created that contains all your LeadTracker contacts, and groups will be created for all the other Statuses and Tags that you chose to include.