This option requires you to link your MailChimp account to your iHouse Elite website (Only available with Pro Packages).


The Email Campaign System for iHOUSE Elite allows you to set up regular contact with your subscribed (opted-in to your email list) clients. This feature is found in your Admin Menu's left sidebar, under Campaigns.

Note that MailChimp refers to "campaigns" as individual emails that are sent to a list. By contrast, "campaigns" in your Elite Website are a collection of one or more email messages scheduled for delivery on a client by client basis. Your linked MailChimp account's "campaigns" won't be affected by any campaigns you create in Elite, and vice versa. Your Elite Website campaigns are created and scheduled from your website and then sent using your linked MailChimp account as the delivery mechanism.

Creating a New Campaign

To create a new campaign, click on the New Campaign button. Learn more about editing a campaign.

Editing a Campaign

To edit an existing campaign, click on its edit link. Learn more about editing a campaign.

Deleting a Campaign

To delete an existing campaign, click the red delete icon on the right hand side of the campaign entry. Deleting a campaign will also stop it for any clients that are currently receiving it.

Starting a Campaign

First off, campaigns can only be run for clients that are opted-in to your email list. There are multiple ways to start a campaign for a client:

Manually start the campaign for an individual client from their Client Details page. If your client is subscribed to your email list they will have a Campaigns tab.

This shows you any currently active campaigns, and what steps of the campaign the client has already received. To manually start a new campaign for this client, click New Campaign and choose which campaign to start.

Also, you can Auto-start campaigns for any subscribed clients that match a set of rules. Auto-start is exactly what it sounds like, and you can turn it on and set up these rules when editing a campaign. Note that you can't auto-start a campaign for a client who has already seen it or whom it is already in progress for.

Stopping a Campaign

Stopping a campaign for a client has to be done manually from the Client Details page for that client. In LeadTracker, click on the client's name, then click on the Campaigns tab at the bottom of the details page. Click the red X icon for the active campaign you want to stop.

Confirm that you want to stop it, and the campaign will stop sending and be moved down to the Past Campaigns list for that client.

Resending a Campaign

If you wish, you may resend a campaign to a client. It will remain in your Past Campaigns list and a new line item will be added to your Active Campaigns list.