This option requires you to link your MailChimp account to your iHouse Elite website (Only available with Pro Packages).

The Email Campaign System for iHOUSE Elite allows you to set up regular contact with your subscribed (opted-in to your email list) clients. This feature is found in your Admin Menu's left sidebar, under Campaigns.

Note that MailChimp refers to "Campaigns" as individual emails that are sent to a list. By contrast, "Campaigns" in your Elite Website are a collection of one or more email messages scheduled for delivery on a client by client basis. Your linked MailChimp account's "campaigns" won't be affected by any campaigns you create in Elite, and vice versa. Your Elite Website campaigns are created and scheduled from your website and then sent using your linked MailChimp account as the delivery mechanism.

Name Your Campaign

Give your campaign a name that you can use to remember it by when you are starting it for clients (your recipients won't ever see this).

Email Delivery Schedule

Campaigns consist of one or more emails in a sequence or schedule.

For each scheduled item, choose an email and a time delay. The first scheduled item is in relation to the start of the campaign and has the additional option of being sent immediately upon campaign start. Each subsequent scheduled item is in relation to the previous email that was sent.

To add a new email to the schedule, click New Email.

To delete a scheduled item, click the Delete Icon.


Note that editing campaigns that are already in progress for clients is allowable, but can lead to unexpected results.

Auto-Start Triggers

Auto-Start Triggers add a whole new level of functionality to your campaigns. Now, you can start a campaign instantly when a client registers on your site, or when you apply certain statuses or tags to them.

To enable the auto-start trigger for a campaign, check the checkbox. This will reveal a set of rules and conditions you can use to auto-start the campaign.

Use the New Rule button to add rules for when your campaign should start delivering, and choose between Any and All to check for any or all of these conditions to be met.


Note that:

  • The campaign will auto-start for any clients that match these criteria, as soon as they match the criteria.

  • Once a campaign has run for a client, it cannot be auto-started again for that client.

When you're done, click Save to save your campaign.