Lets say you need to have one email address that forwards to one or multiple people. By using distribution lists through Google Groups, you can easily make this a reality.

Setting Up A Google Personal Group

So for our demonstration, we’re going to be making an email address called all@deepwateragent.com. This email address will send all the email it receives to everyone in the office. Setting up a Google Group can also be used as a workaround to create an e-mail forward but e-mail delivery is not guaranteed.

1. Make your Group

To start making your list, you’ll need to go to your Google Apps Admin console, by going to admin.google.com. You’ll see a page that looks like this. Click Groups. You may have to look under More Controls, at the bottom of the page.

Your screen says you don’t have any groups. 

2. Click Create a group.

Enter a name for the group. Since you can make multiple groups, it’s important to name them so you can remember who’s who. Since we’re forwarding to everyone in this case, we’ll call it All.

Enter a group email address. For this demonstration, we’re going to call it all@deepwateragent.com

Lastly, you can enter a description, just as an additional piece of info to remember the group by. This is optional.

At the bottom, you can set the Access level of the group. Select Team

Select "Also allow anyone on the internet to post messages"

3. Add Your Users

When you complete your group, you’ll be sent to the group settings. Click Manage Users

From this screen, you’ll be able to add all the emails of all the users you want on the list. This list will initially be empty.

To add other users, start typing Google Workspace usernames or email addresses in the box above. 

You can add as many users here as you want (and they don’t have to be Gmail users), but make sure to spell addresses correctly! Email sent through this method won’t “bounce”, it’ll either send or fail, so if you have a user who isn’t receiving emails from this list, make sure their email is spelled correctly. You can also separate emails by commas to add multiple at once.

When you’ve entered your entire list, Click Add to add these members to the list. 

If you’re using this group only for email distribution, just set all users to Member for now. You’ll be able to edit any options you need to from your Google Apps admin console.

Once you’re done entering all your users to this list, you’re done! If you want, send an email to let your users know that you’ve added them to the distribution list.