If you’ve linked your MailChimp Account, you’re ready to start sending listing flyers to your LeadTracker leads!

To get started, click Send Listing Flyer under the Campaigns section of your Admin Menu.

The Listing Flyer builder is divided into 4 sections. In the To Section, you can choose to send your flyer to individual contacts (who are subscribers to your synced MailChimp list), or to entire lists or list segments on your linked MailChimp account.

Note: if you’ve linked your account, but haven’t synced a list, you’ll only be able to send to lists or segments, not individuals.

The Subject section is the subject of the email that your contacts will receive. Make it something eye catching and interesting.

The Listing section allows you to choose what listing you want to attach to your flyer. This list is composed of all of your active featured listings. You can also set a display title, which will show in the header at the top of your email.

Lastly, the Design section allows you to choose between different templates for your flyer.

Once all these steps are complete, you can hit Send Flyer in the bottom right corner, and your flyer is delivered!

Note: You can also begin composing Listing Flyers through LeadTracker. Just select the clients you want to send to, and hit Listing Flyer in the bulk action bar at the bottom of your screen. You also can send individual leads a listing flyer by clicking under the Campaigns tab in their client detail view. However, only leads who have subscribed to your MailChimp list will be added.