Create a Call to Action - Easy

When people come to your site, they won’t interact with it (become new leads) unless you go out there and show them what they need to do.

A call-to-action is one of the best ways to turn prospects into customers. It is a term for a link or button that you place on your website that encourages people to click on it in order to convert them into leads.

Call-to-actions use very attractive wording with imperative verbs to capture the attention of website visitors. These include:

  • “Start a free trial now”

  • “Download my free ebook”

  • “Get a free consultation”

  • “Make an appointment”

The best way you can utilize this is to include some text on your homepage explaining to your visitors the benefits of registering on your site, along with a button to go register. This, along with Elite website’s Teaser Registration will allow you to get tons of new leads!

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