Add Free Stock Photos To Your Site - Medium

Photos and other graphics can be real eye catchers for your site. Sure, you’ve got them automatically for most of your listings, but it can make sense to add photos you choose to articles you write and to your blog posts.

Copying images you see on the net and putting them on your blog is easy. The trick is finding photos and other graphics you can use safely. You may be familiar with so-called stock photos. These are photos and other graphics that have been collected and are offered for use for a fee. These fees may be charged directly by the photographer or by an agency representing many photographers.

There are, however, places you can find great photos to use for free. Photographers make them available for any number of reasons, including self-promotion and/or the joy of sharing and (maybe) seeing their work used by others. Make sure you have the rights to use an image before you put it up on your site, or you may land yourself in trouble. Thankfully, there are numerous sites to find royalty free images that you can use to your hearts content.

To learn more about free stock photos, click here.