The TurboLeads home screen provides all of the data you need to help you manage, contact, and follow up with your past, present, and future, clients. 

To access TurboLeads, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, and click TurboLeads.

The home screen sections you will see are:

Getting Started

This section appears on your home screen when you first log into your TurboLeads account, and it remains locked to the top of the home screen until you have cleared all of the "getting started" tasks. In particular, you are required to complete your profile, acknowledge that you understand how to set up your lead sources, and view the help center so you know how to seek assistance or submit feedback.

New Leads

This section displays all of the new leads in your pipeline. Once you have contacted a new lead, or at least made an attempt, the lead's status will no longer be "new" and accordingly, it will be removed from the "new leads" section of your home screen.

Tasks for today

This section displays all upcoming tasks that you have scheduled for today.

Don't forget 

This section displays leads in your pipeline that are no longer new, but still are not clients, and do not have any tasks scheduled. If you have attempted to contact a lead, but still have not had a conversation, this is where the lead will appear on your home screen.


This section displays an abbreviated view of your lead management statistics from the "reports" screen. Here you will see your lead attempt percentage, your average lead follow-up time, etc.