The pipeline interface allows you to view all of your active leads sorted by status. The status categories are arranged horizontally with newest leads on the left, and soon-to-be clients on the right. As you work your leads, they will progress from left to right through these status categories. 

The following statuses categories are listed in the Pipeline:

  • New
  • Attempted
  • Contacted
  • Appt. Set
  • Showing

The status categories that DO NOT appear in the pipeline view are only those that correspond to inactive leads. These include:

  • Sold
  • Disqualified (there are numerous reasons for disqualification that can be specified when changing client status to "disqualified")
  • Spam
  • Deleted

To navigate between the status categories in the Pipeline interface, select the status headings at the top of the screen, or simply swipe left and right.