Your blog Settings screen allows you to adjust global and default settings for your blog.

To edit your blog Settings screen, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Blog, then click Settings.

Global Blog Settings

  • Page Blog Title: This is the title of the blog that will appear at the top of your blog and also the homepage blog widget. Clicking edit will also allow you to edit the Page URL for your blog.
  • Default Author Name: This is the name that will get added to your posts at default. You can override this on individual posts if you want to invite a guest to make a post on your website.
  • Author Web Page Link: Choosing a page from this link will make your author name into a link to that page.

RSS Link

Use this link to share your blog on other websites or if you want to let someone subscribe to your blog.

Blog Main Page SettingsĀ 

  • Show Post Previews instead of Full Posts: Show a shortened version of your posts on the main blog page rather than the full length posts. The shortened posts will have a link to read the whole thing.
  • Posts Per Page: This controls how many posts show up on the page before pagination. This also affects the Archive page.


  • Toggle comments on for new posts by default
  • Choose to moderate comments
  • Show your phone number on your blog posts
  • Require a phone number for registration when potential leads comment on your blog.
  • Use a captcha (prevents spam).
  • Choose how many comments appear per page.

Homepage Widget Settings

Show post preview similar to the main page, but for the blog widget on your homepage. Choose how many posts per page to show on this widget.


Set your timezone.

When you're done, click Save Settings.