Your RSS Feed Pages allow you to import content from an external RSS feed. This can be a blog, a podcast, your favorite news site, or any other site that provides an RSS feed!

To view and edit your RSS Feed Pages, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Edit Website, click Pages, then click edit on the page row you want to edit.

Adding an RSS Feed Page

An RSS Feed is a format for displaying an updating stream of web content. Many news-related sites, blogs and other sites syndicate their content as an RSS feed to whoever wants it. If you have an RSS feed url, you can embed it directly within your Elite site as an RSS feed page.

When you create an RSS feed page, the editor allows you to set title and some intro text that will display on the top of the page, before the feed content. Under that, paste your RSS feed url. If you want to also put this into a homepage widget, enter how many recent posts to display in the widget.

When you're done, click Save this page.