Your Account settings section allow you to view some specific TurboLeads account details and access extra integration settings for your email and MailChimp so TurboLeads can help you stay on top of things even better.

To access your Accounts settings, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click TurboLeads, then click Settings.

Lead capture email address

This is the secret email address that gets used to create new leads for your account. Leads initially come in as unassigned and can then be either manually or automatically assigned to one of your agents. To set up a new lead source like Zillow or, have that lead source send its email lead notifications to this address.

Twilio phone

Twilio is a third-party service that Turboleads uses to help track communication. Outbound calls and text messages you make from the app will be sent using this number. Inbound calls and messages received at this number will automatically get routed to the phone of the agent assigned to that lead.

Email Integration

When you integrate your email with TurboLeads, it automatically keeps track of the correspondence for each Contact in your database so that when you view their details you can also see their email history with you. Just keep using your email as normal. If you send individual emails from TurboLeads, they are sent using your email account so you have a record of them and can manage them from either place.

MailChimp Integration

Sync your leads to take advantage of MailChimp’s powerful email marketing platform, but with the additional benefits of your iHOUSE Elite site’s data, listing flyer builder, and campaign management tools.