Your Notifications settings section sends you notifications about new leads and their website activity, as well as reminders to follow up with your leads and for any tasks you may have scheduled.

To access your Notification settings, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click TurboLeads, then click Settings, finally scroll down to the Notifications section.

Each setting is can be toggled on or off, and clicking on the setting's title lets you set the time of the reminder, and the notification method. TurboLeads can send you notifications using email, text messages, and push (system) notifications. You can choose one or more of these methods, or none of them turns toggles the notifications off.

  • Task reminders: These are reminder notifications you receive before a task is due.
  • New Leads: When a new lead is captured.
  • Overdue lead reminders: These are reminder notifications you receive after a task is due if it has not yet been marked as completed. You can specify how long afterwards and how many times to be reminded.
  • Overdue lead time limit: New leads are overdue if they haven't been attempted within the time set.
  • Website Activity: When a registered lead visits your website, saves a listing, or saves a search.
  • Form submissions: When a lead submits a form on your website or comments on your blog.
  • Inbound text messages: When you receive a text message from a lead.
  • Inbound emails: When you receive an email from a lead.
  • Additional notification email addresses: You may select up to five additional emails to receive notifications.


  • New unassigned leads: When a new lead is assigned to you.
  • All lead assignments: See where your leads are being assigned (you will not receive notifications for leads that you manually assign yourself).