Your Lead Assignment settings section allow you to choose different ways to assign leads to your office.

To access your Lead Assignment settings, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click TurboLeads, then click Settings, finally scroll down to the Lead Assignment section.

Lead Assignment Options

  • Round Robin lead assignment: equally distribute new leads among your agents by rotating assignment based on a turn order.
  • Auto-assign leads to listing agents: If a lead is captured from a featured listing page on the office website, and it was listed by one of your agents.
  • Allow agents to change their availability for auto-assignment
  • Allow agents to assign away their leads: If enabled, agents will be able to assign their leads to any other eligible agent. They will not be able to reclaim them.
  • Available for automatic lead assignment: Allow leads to be auto-assigned to you from the common office pipeline.


Your website leads will most likely come from one of two places:

  • When a visitor registers.
    • An email notification is also sent. By default this goes to the owner of the site: to you for the Office Website, or to your agent for the Agent Website.

  • When a visitor fills out one of the “Contact Us” type forms related to a listing.
    • By default it will send an email to the owner of the website where they saw the listing. On the Office Website, if you have assigned an agent profile to that listing, then the email will be sent to the appropriate agent.


  • All registered leads are stored in the TurboLeads of the website they registered on. 
  • If they registered at the Office Website, the client will show up in the Office's TurboLeads. 
  • If they registered at one of your Agent Websites, the client will show up in the Agent's TurboLeads.
  • You can change the email notification settings on a website by website basis so that a copies of email notifications are sent to you in addition to your agent, or so that they are sent to you instead of your agent.