Your Contacts interface allow you to access an overview of your clients with different sorting options and filters to help you better manage and navigate though your clientele. The contacts interface shows their name, status, source of contact, assigned agent (offices only), phone number, email, and registration age.

To view your Contacts, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click TurboLeads, then click Contacts.

Search and Filters

You can search through your contacts by clicking the magnifying glass and typing in a query, or through clicking the upside down triangle and opening up our filter list. 

Sort by

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Newest
  • Oldest
  • Most Recent Activity
  • Last Visit


The lead status set for the client, you can choose none or multiple.

  • Any (No filter set)
  • New
  • Attempted
  • Contacted
  • Appointment Set
  • Showing
  • Sold
  • Disqualified
  • No Status

Lead Sources

These sources are chosen based upon where your clients come from (e.g. through your website would show up as iHOUSEweb). You can choose none or multiple.


These tags are customizable in your Settings. You can choose none or multiple. Some base examples below:

  • Buyer
  • Contact Me Form
  • Seller
  • User Registration Form


  • Any (No filter set)
  • Have HouseTrack
  • Do not have HouseTrack


  • Any (No filter set)
  • Registered
  • Not registered


Source Websites

Your office or agent websites through which the clients accessed. You can choose none or multiple.


Filter by the agents assigned to your contacts. You can choose none or multiple.

Individual Actions

Clicking the three dots on a contact's row allow you to do individual actions with a client. clicking Edit, or on the contacts row in this menu will take you to the Contact Detail's for that contact. Other actions include:

  • Adding a note.
  • Manage tags
  • Schedule task
  • Update status
  • Mark as spam
  • Delete
  • If your campaigns are set up: Send a listing flyer.
  • For offices: Assign lead to an agent.

Bulk Actions

Selecting one or multiple clients give you extra options to act on multiple clients at once. You can

  • Add a tag
  • Remove a tag
  • Update a status
  • Mark as spam
  • Export: Download the selected clients information as a Comma Seperated Values (.csv) file.
  • Compose email - send email to multiple clients at once.
  • If your campaigns are set up: Start or stop a campaign, and send a listing flyer.
  • For offices: Assign lead to an agent.