Your contact's Recent Activity card shows a chronological timeline of what has happened with the client regarding any activity. You can choose what kind of activity you would like to see by selecting/unselecting the categories. 

To view your contact's Recent Activity card, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click TurboLeads, then click Contacts, then click on any individual contact.


By clicking the three dots, you can add a note to your client's activity. By clicking the three dots on the note, you can edit or delete the note.


This is anything that the contact does on your website, such a registering using one of your forms, saving a search or a listing, or viewing a market report.


Contact mediums such as email, calls, and texts sent either way will show. Incoming messages will show an arrow pointing to the bottom left, and outgoing messages will show an arrow pointing to the top right. The content of the message will be shown.


These are internal communications acted out through TurboLeads such as setting a different status for the contact.