Your contact's Saved Searches card shows every search the client has saved, where they registered each search, and whether or not HouseTrack is enabled for each search.

Want to set up HouseTrack email alerts for a client? Instructions are at the bottom of this article.

To view your contact's Saved Searches, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click TurboLeads, then click Contacts, and finally, click on any individual contact.

When a client saves a search all their search criteria shows up in their saved search. You can view and edit this search by clicking the three dots on the search. 

  • View the search will take you to the search page they accessed on your website.
  • Edit the search allows you to change their search criteria on their behalf. 
  • Exclude from HouseTrack saved search as part of their HouseTrack emails 
  • Extend HouseTrack expiration.
  • Share their saved search gives you a link to the saved search page.
  • Delete their saved search.

Choose if they would like to receive HouseTrack emails by clicking the checkmark, and specify the frequency of the email updates (daily or weekly).

Save A Search And Enable HouseTrack Emails For your client

You may may want to set up HouseTrack emails on behalf of your client. To do so, follow these simple instructions.

  • Click Create New Search, a new window will open.
  • Configure Saved Search using the variety of options available.
  • Check Enable HouseTrack and Send first HouseTrack now.
  • Click Save.