Your Agent Profile Display settings change the form to open via the "Contact Agent" link on eligible agent profiles. The "Contact Agent" links will only be available on agent profiles that are configured to accept leads. 

To edit your HouseTrack Email settings, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Settings, then click Agent Profile Display.

Leads created by submissions the selected form will be assigned to the agent whose profile is being viewed.

Downloadable vCard

Select this option to show "Download Contact Info" button on agent profiles. 


Note: The vCard that is produced will contain user email and mobile phone data unless explicitly disabled for an agent profile.

For more information on customizing what information is included in an agent's downloadable vCard see -OFFICES ONLY- Agent Profiles

The following settings are only for the agent profile photos that appear on the back side of listing cards or on listing details pages.

Retain the original aspect ratio of your agent profile photo

The left photo is a 16:9 frame with this setting turned OFF. The right photo is the same frame with this setting turned ON. When enabled, the photos original aspect ratio will fully shown, with the same image set behind it to fill the frame.

Aspect ratio of the image area on your agent profile card

We offer adjustable frame ratios for your agent profile card to choose the best one that will fit your photo.

3:4 Portrait

1:1 Square

4:3 Landscape

3:2 Landscape

16:9 Landscape