The Blog Widget showcases your most recent blog posts. Blogs are a way to introduce visitors to you and inform them about local events and activities.

To add this widget to your homepage, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Edit Website, then click Edit This Page while viewing your home page. In the column of your choosing, click Add new content, then from the dropdown, select Create new blog widget, and click add this content.

Click Edit if you wish to change the widget name, wrap the content in a stylized card, apply a Card Title (only applied if the “stylized card” option is checked), the number of blog posts you would like to display or the format display.

Here is an example with “wrap content in a stylized card” checked:

Here is an example with “wrap the form in a stylized card” checked as well as a custom Card Title (“My Blog”):

Here is an example with the thumbnails format: