Featured Locations List Pages provide a single entrypoint to all of your “featured location” pages. It uses the same layout as the Featured Locations widget, but is served as its own individual page. All featured locations in this list are configured by your Featured Location Settings

To add a Featured Locations List page, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Edit Website, click Pages, then Add a Featured Locations Page.

Customize your page title, URL, and use the "Add Location" button to select which featured locations you would like displayed on this page. Change the order by dragging locations in order, or remove a location by hitting the.

Click the "Add Location" button to pop open a new window to select from your location list, and click OK.

You can change the format for your locations by choosing from a Grid, Carousel, or Tiles. Additionally you may use the content editor to insert extra content above or below the Featured Locations.

Here is an example of a Featured Locations List page, using the grid format.

Choose the page layout to determine your margins, whether or not to add it to your main navigation and add a navigation link text, and if its ready to go then make sure the publish box is checked.

When you're done, click Save.