Google Analytics Goals can be used to detect and track lead capture events on your iHOUSEweb site. With a Google Analytics “Lead Capture” Goal defined, your Google Analytics “Conversions” reports will be populated with useful data, and a number of advanced optimization features become available for linked Accounts. Before setting up a goal, you'll want to make sure you have a Google Analytics account and have enabled a tracking code in your Admin Menu Settings. 

To get started, log into your Google Analytics account, and go to the admin screen. Now click "Goals" under the View column. Note that Goals are NOT shared across all Views, so if you have more than one View, you must set up Goals for each View independently.

Click the "NEW GOAL" button.

On the Goal setup screen, select “Custom”, then continue. 

On the Goal Description screen, give your goal a name (e.g. “Lead Capture”), set the type to "Event", then continue.

On the Goal Details screen, set the Category [Equals to] "lead", and the Action [Equals to] "capture". You can leave the Label and Value fields blank, and leave the “Use the Event value as the Goal Value for the conversion” switch in the “yes” position. Now click save.

You can verify that your new Goal is working by reviewing Realtime Conversions report. While viewing this report, submit a test signup in a private window (or separate device), and you should see a corresponding Goal Hit in your Realtime Conversion report timeline.