Testimonials are a great way to give others an insight about how your previous clients felt about your services. They provide an unbiased voice that can tell potential clients you're right for them.

To add this widget to your homepage, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Edit Website, then click Edit This Page while viewing your home page. In the column of your choosing, click Add new content, then from the dropdown, select Testimonials from the list, and click add this content.

For most templates, the testimonials widget is already on the home page by default. To edit, simply find the widget column and click Edit.

You can change the Page Title, URL, Page Layout, and Navigation link options. Additionally you can choose to display your Testimonials as a slideshow, set the delay before the next slide shows, and the total number of testimonials the widget will show based on the order of your testimonials written below. As always, make sure you Save page settings when you're done making changes.

Below you'll find a list of your testimonials. Some default testimonials are already provided. You can set the order they'll display by dragging thein the top left, Edit, or delete.

Add a new testimonial by writing in the space below, be sure to add the person's name and click Add this testimonial and it will appear at the top of the list above.