Website Pages are what is visible to your users on every page associated with your website. Editing your pages with useful information, graphics, and and subsequent links to other parts of your site are essential for a for a standardized user experience. 

From the Admin Menu, on the left, click Edit ModeYou can manage your website pages by going to the Pages tab in Edit Mode.

Viewing & Editing Pages

The “Pages” tab contains a list of all the pages on your website, both published and unpublished. You can view an individual page by clicking on it’s title. You can also view other pages by using the normal website navigation menu.

To edit an individual page, mouse over the row for that page and click the edit link that appears on the right hand side. You can also edit any page you are on by clicking the “Edit This Page” button on your Edit Mode Toolbar. You can edit the contents of most page types. Also at the bottom of each edit page you can save the publish and link settings.

Publishing Pages & Creating Navigation Links

Published pages are live on your website and publicly accessible. Our publishing system allows you to create pages in an unpublished state and preview them before you publish them live on your website. 

    The check mark [] icon indicates that a page is published and a empty circle [] icon if it is not published.

Navigation links are how you and your website viewers can get around in your site. After you’ve published a page, you can create links to it in the main navigation menu. 

    A link [] icon indicates that you have a navigation link to a page, a faded link [] icon indicates there are no navigation links to it.

Adding New Pages

Use one of the add icons at the top or bottom of each section to add a new page of that type. From there, the page you go to behaves just like an edit page with options to edit content, publish, and create links.

Deleting Pages

Use the delete [] icon to delete a page. You can only delete pages that you created. Pages that you delete are NOT recoverable, so be careful. A safer way to take a page offline is to unpublish it. Note that deleting or unpublishing a page will automatically remove all main navigation menu links that point to that page.

Page Types

Your website comes with a standard set of pages (and forms) that we think will be useful to you. These will always appear in your list of pages. To turn standard pages on and off, simply publish or unpublish them. We also offer you the flexibility to add and delete your own custom pages, links out to outside websites, and pages of saved search results.

  • Home Page: Your homepage
  • About Me: A page where you can put information about yourself and your business.

  • Contact Form: A popup form for your website visitors to contact you

  • Testimonials: A page where you can list all the nice things people are saying about you and your business.

  • Open Houses: Upcoming open house events.

  • Mortgage Rates: Current average mortgage rates.

  • Featured Listings: Showcase your listings – you can have multiple featured listings pages and choose which of your listings to show on each one.

  • Quick Search: A simple IDX Search form (for Pro packages only)

  • Advanced Search: An IDX Search form with more search options (for Pro packages only)

  • Map Search: An interactive map with IDX Search capability (for Pro packages only)

  • Custom: Create your own custom content – create as many of these pages as you want!

  • Link Out: A navigation link that points to another website or webpage. Create as many of these as you want.

  • Saved Search: A navigation link that runs one of your IDX saved searches – and displays a page of listing results.

For extra help with these page types, please see our Page Creation Tutorials.