Your Featured Listings Pages allow you to promote your own listings on your site. Our system will automatically check the MLS for your listings and make them available to use on your site as a Featured Listing.

To create a new Featured Listing Page, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Edit Website, click Pages, then click Add a featured listing page.

Why Have More Than One Featured Listings Page?

Creating multiple featured listings pages allows you to showcase different types of properties. It also allows your website visitors to quickly and easily find the properties that most interest them, without wading through the categories that don’t interest them. You can create a page for Luxury properties, Short Sales, Waterfront Properties, Condos, etc., anything you want.

Featured Listings Page Settings

Change the page title and URL, insert custom content at the top of the page, choose a Page Layout, change the publish settings and add Navigation links, choose your results view, and the order which to sort your listings by.

Widget Settings

Determine how many listings to show on the Featured Listings Grid or Carousel widget, and choose how often (in seconds) the Carousel will move to show the next listing in line.

When you're done, click Save page settings.

Rules for Which Listings to Show

Once your listings are on your website, you can create different listing pages to display different types of listings. Your Elite Website can automatically filter your listings according to the rules you specify. One popular use for this feature is creating separate pages for Active and Closed Listings.

To only show active listings on your page, you would select Listing Status from the first dropdown menu and active from the second. Then click Add this rule. You could then also create a new featured listing page and then create a rule for that one, telling it to only display listings with a status of “closed”. Your Elite Website will automatically filter your listings and display them on the appropriate pages.

The filtering criteria for your featured listings pages include:

  • Listing Status
  • Commercial/Residential
  • Sub Type
  • Display Status
  • Type
  • Price
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • County
  • Square Footage
  • Year Built
  • Subdivision
  • Area
  • Tag*
  • Lot Size
  • Agent Profile

*Note: When you create or edit a listing, you have the option of giving it a tag. This allows you to then sort your listings according to your assigned tag. For example, you could mark certain properties as “waterfront” and then create a featured listings page for Waterfront Properties.