Your Profile contains information on you and/or your corporate branding that is used in various contexts throughout your website, such as your name, username and email, profile photo, and signature.

To edit your Profile, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Account, then click Profile, finally click the pencil icon.


Change your first name, last name, and your title.


This shows your Email/Username, the phone number, and timezone associated with the account. To change your password, click Change Password on the Profile screen.

Note: For offices, be sure to be on the individual agent's Admin Menu, whether they are logged in to the main office site, or their child site.

Changing Your Photo

  1. Scroll down to the Photoblock and choose the file from your computer.
    • There won't be an image displayed before you upload your photo (as shown in the sample above).
    • To remove your image at any time, just check the box under your picture.
  2. Scroll down and Click Save.


  • Maximum image file size is 5MB.
  • Photos are resized to a specific width (180px / 120px / 90px depending on template)
  • Photos are scaled proportionally as to not distort the image.


Your signature input here is automatically appended to your emails, This can be anything, but it should be concise and include your name, business address, and phone number.

For help using the editor, see Using the Content Editor.

When you're done, click Save.



Agents can be assigned to one or more groups, which then can be used for display or lead assignment options.


Choose which listing agent names belong to the profile of yourself or the agent.

Display Profile

The following settings determine how the agents profile information is displayed on the main office website.

  • Set contact info Using the Content Editor.
  • Set where the profile links to.
  • (Optional) Writing a description, title, and meta description for the agent.
  • Set the agent's listings display. These settings are applied to the listings that appear on this profile.

When you're done, click Save.