Your Profile contains information on you and/or your corporate branding that is used in various contexts throughout your site. For example, your Logo and Contact Info widgets draw data from your profile. Your email signature is also set via your profile.

Photo & Logo

First click the Choose File button and select an image file from your computer. Then click the Upload Photo button.

Note: There is a maximum file size of 5MB. If you are using a slower internet connection, you may have to wait some time for your file to finish uploading. After the upload completes, your preview image updates to show that your new image has been saved. Upon upload your image is automatically resized to fit the template you are currently using. Photos are resized to a specific width (either 180px, 120px, or 90px depending on the template). The height is variable. We scale your photo proportionally so your features are not distorted. Logos are resized to fit within a 300px wide by 100px high area. If smaller than that, they will not be resized. For your convenience, we also provide a library of common company logos. Click the name of the logo in the list to see a preview, then save your selection with the “Use this Logo” button.

Troubleshooting: If it seems like your upload didn’t work, try refreshing/reloading the page in your browser. If the preview image now shows the new image, then your upload was successful. If your computer repeatedly hangs while uploading, you might try either reducing the size of the image before you upload it or going somewhere else to use a faster internet connection.

Contact Information

Here you should include your name, business address, and phone number. You can customize and style the text to your liking, but it should be kept concise. Many templates only have limited space for this information. If it is too large, it may mess up your design. There is a maximum html character limit of 1024 characters.

For more information, see Using the Content Editor.


At the bottom of your web pages you can display icons that represent organizations that you belong to or special training that you have received. Check the ones you want to display. Also, please let us know if there is a designation that we should add to our library.