Your Listing Agent Names screen allows you to edit and identify the agent name found by the automatic listing detection system, and assign them to yourself or another agent in your office.

To access the Listing Agent Name screen, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, and click Edit Website, then click Listings, then click Listing Agent Names.

What is a Listing Agent Name?

A Listing Agent Name is the name that an agent uses to submit their listing to the MLS. When you find your listings we identify the name of the agent who owns those listings. Then in the future we auto-update the listings that we find with that agent’s name.

Most of the time you will only have one listing agent name, but there are exceptions:

If you have our Office Website package, you may want to create a Listing Agent Name for each one of your agents, so all of your office listings appear on your website.

Sometimes an agent may have slight variations on their name. To find all their listings, we need to know what the different variations are. For example, an agent may have listings under the name “George Miller” but also under “George C. Miller”.

Note: This isn't related to the names of agents you add under your Agents view, or the contact info you set under your Profile. You can however, associate Agents with Listing Agent Names by going to the Listings view in Edit mode, and clicking the Listings Agent Names tab.