Your Domains interface allows you to purchase a domain name for your website, attach a domain name to your website, and more. Your domain name is a huge part of your online identity since it’s often used the verbal address for your website, eg. “”. To get the most out of your Elite Website, you will need at least one domain name attached.

To access your Domains interface, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, and click Domains.

Add a New Domain

Don’t have your own domain yet? No problem, we provide a domain name registration service. Register a domain through our interface and your site will be live at your new domain within 24-48 hours.

Type in the domain you want to own and click Check Availability. If the domain is available, click Register this domain to complete the purchase.


Domains can be registered with us for $20 each per year. We cover the cost of your first domain by gifting you a recurring $20/year matching credit. Additional domains are full price.

Note: We DO NOT charge you to attach domains you have purchased from another registrar. See the next section on “Attaching a domain you already own”.

Attaching a Domain you already own

If you already have a domain with another registrar (such as GoDaddy, Enom, etc.), you can attach your domain to your iHOUSEweb site at no additional charge. To get started, enter your domain name, and click “add this domain”. Your domain will not be fully attached to your website until you have updated your DNS (Domain Name Servers), which is a process that our support team can help you with.

WARNING: Pointing your name servers to us could interrupt your email service if you have custom MX (Mail Exchange) records. To avoid any interruption, you'll want to coordinate this change with our support department so we can set the MX Records for your domain on our end FIRST.

Switching Primary Domains

Your primary domain is your main website address. All the other domains you add to your website will simply redirect visitors to this primary name. To change primary domains check the primary icon next to the domain that you want to assign as the new primary domain.

Note: Changing your primary domain WILL NOT change your email domain. If you have a Google Workspace Email Account with iHOUSEweb and want to change your email domain(s) or email routing, please contact Customer Support at 1(866) 645-7700 (Mon-Fri: 7AM-5PM) or Send Us An Email (Anytime).

Publish/Unpublish Your Entire Website

By default, your website is published, however, if for some reason you need to take your entire website offline, you can use this control to unpublish your website (your email addresses will remain active even if your website is unpublished). To change the publish setting click the publish icon next to the domain.

Note: it can take several hours for an unpublished website to be restored back to published status. Also, leaving a website unpublished for any period of time can negatively affect your rankings in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Therefore, this setting should be used with caution.

Name Server Status

There are two possible statuses: Active means that the domain is live. Transferring means that the domain is not yet live. Most domains will go Active within 24-48 hours of pointing your name servers to us.

Managing Office Website Domains

Office Website customers can also set up individual Agent Websites. By default, each Agent Websites will automatically inherit a subdomain based on the Office Website’s primary domain. For example: you register the name “” for your Office Website. You’ve already set up an Agent Website for Mary Jane. Mary Jane’s website will now be available at “”.

You can also give any of your Agent Websites their own primary domain. Domains and Email for an Agent Website are managed from within that Agent Website’s Admin Menu. Click on the “manage domains & email” link for the desired Agent Website (if the website already has a domain, click on the domain name). This will take you to that website’s Admin Menu » Domains & Email page. From here you can add a domain for your agent’s website just as you would for your own Office Website.

Note: Only the Office Website Administrator has access to add domains.