Your Domains interface allows you to purchase a domain name and/or attach a domain name to your website. Your domain name is a huge part of your online identity since it’s often used as the name for your website, eg. “”. To get the most out of your Elite Website, you will need at least one domain name attached to your website. Here is a list of standard procedures to configure your DNS for common providers. If you ever need assistance, our customer service representatives are ready willing and able to help you add your domain name to your site.

To access your Domains interface, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, and click Domains.

Registering a New Domain

We provide a domain name registration service. You may buy domain names through us at the price of $15/yr. each. If you have us buy your domain for you then we will take care of all the details and your site will be up at your new domain name within 24-48 hours. Hosting at your first domain is free. Hosting for each additional domain is $4.98/month.

Type in the domain you want to own and click Check Availability, If the domain is available, you can click on Register this domain.

Transferring an Existing Domain

You can also choose to transfer over domains you already own to use with your Elite Website. If you want to have us transfer a domain you already own you will need to work with us to change your current Name Servers to point to us. Get help with pointing name servers for a domain transfer.

Note: Transferring a domain to us will take down the previous website and emails associated with that domain and change them to your iHOUSE Elite Website. If you already have a domain on your account, adding an additional domain is $4.98/month for hosting.

Note: Changing the domain name servers will transfer all domain related services to our hosting. This means that mail accounts at the domain will go down when you make this switch. This happens with any type of DNS change.

These changes can take between 24-48 hours to take effect, during which time domain related services may not be active.

Please contact your domain registrar and change the following name server information:

Primary Server: NS.CISDATA.NET

Secondary Server: NS2.CISDATA.NET

The following are optional name servers. If your registrar allows for more than two name servers then we recommend adding the following name servers in addition to the above.

Third Server: NS.CISDATA.COM

Fourth Server: NS2.CISDATA.COM

If you would like us to make the changes, you can provide us with your access credentials and we would be happy to do this on your behalf.

For instructions on how to change the nameservers for your domain registrar please select it from the list below.

Switching Primary Domains

Your primary domain is the main website address. All the other domains you add to your website will simply redirect visitors to this primary name. It will also be the name for your email addresses, eg. “”. To change primary domains, click the primary icon next to the domain that you want to be the new primary domain.

Note: This is a setting that should be touched very rarely – only when setting up your site for the first time. Changing your Primary will change your email addresses to use the primary domain rather than the old primary. To receive email at the new primary, you will have to create new email accounts after you switch your domain. Email sent to a redirect will not automatically be forwarded to your primary email address.

Publish/Unpublish Your Entire Website

By default, your website is published at all of your domain names. However, if for some reason you need to take your entire website offline, you can use this control to unpublish your website. All of your email addresses will still remain active. To change the publish setting click the publish icon next to the domain.

Note: Bringing an unpublished website back to published can take several hours to come online. Also, leaving a website unpublished for any period of time can negatively affect your rankings in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Name Server Status

There are two possible statuses: Active means that the domain is live. Transferring means that we have received your domain registration or transfer request, but that the domain is not yet live. Most registrations will go Active within 24-48 hours. Domain name transfers may take longer, depending on how quickly you complete your portion (pointing your name servers to us).

Auto Renew Settings

If you registered your domain through us, we will automatically renew it each year and charge the $25 registration fee to the credit card on file for you. If you do not want to renew the domain, you can change your domain settings to let the domain expire on its annual renew date.

Advanced Settings

WARNING: This is where we keep the advanced dns controls. For 99% of iHOUSE Elite Customers you will never need to touch this section. If you do not know about DNS or if you do not have specific instructions from someone who does, then please do not make changes in this area. Anything you have hosted by another company via these advanced DNS settings (such as email) is no longer the responsibility of iHOUSEweb, Inc. We are unable to support those functions beyond telling you how to bring those functions back under iHOUSE hosting control.

Push Domain to Enom

If we registered your domain for you, we will automatically manage it for you as well. However, if you wish to manage your own domain, you can transfer it to your own Enom account. Simply use the Push Domain to Enom feature in the Domain Settings section. This will create a new account on Enom for you and put your domain name into that account. Should you decide to manage your domain name, we will no longer bill you for the domain. This also means that you will then be responsible for renewing it, managing the DNS, and making sure the contact information is correct.


Domains can be registered with us for $25 each per year. Hosting for your first domain is free. Additional domain hosting is $4.98/month each.

Deleting a Domain Name

If you are absolutely sure that you no longer wish to use a domain for your Elite Website, you can delete it from your account. Deleting a domain will delete all email addresses associated with the domain as well. If you delete a domain that we registered for you, we will not renew the registration when it is due. NOTE: deleting a domain does not cancel your iHOUSE Elite account. Charges for the website will continue even if you have no domain attached to your account.

Managing Office Website Domains

Office Website customers can also set up individual Agent Websites. By default, each Agent Websites will automatically inherit a subdomain based on the Office Website’s primary domain. For example: you register the name “” for your Office Website. You’ve already set up an Agent Website for Mary Jane. Mary Jane’s website will now be available at “”.

If you want you can also give any of your Agent Websites their own primary domain. Domains and Email for an Agent Website are managed from within that Agent Website’s Admin Menu. Click on the “manage domains & email” link for the desired Agent Website (if the website already has a domain, click on the domain name). This will take you to that website’s Admin Menu » Domains & Email page. From here you can add a domain for your agent’s website just as you would for your own Office Website.

Note: Only the Office Website Administrator has access to add domains.

Mail Exchange (MX) Records

MX Records are directions pointing your mail host onto your iHouse Elite Website if you have an outside mail host other than iHouse. You'll first want to make sure you've contacted your host mail and obtained your MX Records for your email account. Usually, there will be an Incoming and Outgoing record for each, and a priority number paired with both each.

While on the Admin Menu, click Domains, and to the right of your domain name click Settings. On the next page, click Advanced DNS/MX Settings.

From the dropdown, select MX Records, and enter in the MX Record and Priority number provided to you by your mail host. Repeat this step for any following records that your host provides.