Search Restrictions limit the areas that are searchable on your MLS search pages. 

To set Search Restrictions:

From the Admin Menu, navigate to the Settings drop down on the left and click Search Restrictions.

Start by selecting the county or counties that cover your area, and further restrict your search page to individual cities or areas you want to focus in on. Additional settings for hiding various types of listings are also available.

After you're finished, scroll to the bottom and click Save Settings.

In this video we well show you how to setup your IDX search restrictions to specifically filter out certain listing results.

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Why Restrict Searches?

There are two main reasons for restricting your search area:

  1. MLS data often covers a wide range of territory and you may not want to travel to show homes that are sometimes hundreds of miles from your location. By restricting your search area, you are limiting your website visitors to the area in which you specialize and can offer the best service.

  2. To improve your website performance. Loading all the data in your MLS takes time. The more data there is to load, the longer it takes. This issue is more pronounced with large a MLS and on the Map Search page. Restricting your data will speed up your searches and page load times.