Your Standard Pages are default content pages that are supplied to your iHOUSEweb site. You only have one of each of these pages. These pages can't be deleted and will always appear in your list of pages. To turn standard pages off, simply unpublish them. 

To view and edit your Standard Pages, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Edit Website, click Pages, then click edit on the page row you want to edit.

Editing Registration Settings and Advanced Settings for Standard Pages

Select either the check mark [] icon under the Published column or the link [] icon under the Linked column to expand additional settings for each Standard Page. Selecting these icons will not unpublish or unlink the pages. 

Use sitewide miscellaneous page and featured location registration settings.

When this option is selected, visitor registration prompts for this page will follow the settings configured on the Visitor Registration settings menu, located under the section Miscellaneous Page and Featured Location Registration Requirements. 

Uncheck this option to disable this feature for the page type selected.

Advanced page settings

Select this option to expand the Advanced page settings menu.  

Meta Title and Meta Description

For search engine optimization, you can set your own values for title and description meta tags on a per page basis. If you leave these fields blank, your page will use the values found in Admin Menu » Settings » Meta Tags. Please do not attempt to format the text or insert html coding.

Featured Image

The 'featured image' for your page is what gets used for social sharing. It will not appear on the page itself. It is best if the image is at least 1280 pixels wide, and has a landscape orientation. 

Select the CHOOSE A FEATURED IMAGE button to select an image from your website's File Manager. See more about Managing Your Files

Select Save settings when done or select Cancel to discard your changes.

Home Page

Your home page serves as a gateway to all other pages and features on your website.


Displays quotes from your clients. You can set the number of quotes you want to display,

Mortgage Rates

Current average mortgage rates. A table showing average daily updated mortgage rates for different loan types, along with an estimated monthly payment calculator. The "$ Get Pre-Approved" link button display can be toggled in your Listing Display settings. The link will open in the same window. Use our default, or provide your own lender link.

Map Search

An interactive map with IDX Search capability (for Pro packages only). Search by dragging around the map, drawing a shape around an area, defining a circle radius, or using your location to search nearby.

About Me

A page where you can put information about yourself and your business.

My Blog

A landing page for your blog that displays thumbnails and previews of all your posts, paginated and sorted by most recently published.