Cards are a useful and stylish way to display links to your content. Cards are displayed in a 3 column grid on desktop devices, and just a single column on mobile devices. Currently, there is only one type of card available (flip cards), but more card types are coming soon.

To add the Cards Widget to your homepage, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Edit Website, then click Edit This Page while viewing your home page. In the column of your choosing, click Add new content, then from the dropdown, select "Create new Cards Widget", and click add this content.

Click Edit to change the widget name, or to add, edit, or delete cards. The first time you edit your new cards widget, a number of template cards will be provided. You are free to remove the ones you don’t want, or to customize them to your liking.

To move a card into a different position, simply drag the top left corner into place. To delete a card, hit thein the top right hand corner. Adding a card will place a new generic card at the end of the grid.

Clicking EDIT on a card will flip the card over to edit its properties. You can change the card type, select the background image through your File Manager, choose from a large selection of icons, choose where the card will link to, and the card text.