Pages make up the the basis of content for your website. When people click on the link to get to your website, The first page they see is the Homepage (such as Pages that link off of your homepages are called Subpages (such as The pages on your website act as a sort of Table of Contents, giving a page to expand upon the content for any particular section.

You can edit your pages while you are in Edit Mode by going to the Pages tab and clicking edit or by clicking Edit this page while on any page of your website while logged in.

This video cover adding and editing content for the pages on your website.

(Editing and Adding Content) Please wait while we update out video!

Editing your Homepage

The boxes show a representation of the structure of your homepage. Different pieces of content on your homepage are represented by labeled blocks that you can edit and move around. Homepage layouts are typically composed of multiple columns. Within each column are several different blocks of content called widgets. Your Navigation Menu in a fixed in a location depending on your template. Some layouts have navigation across the top, and some have navigation in the lefthand column. 

Editing Your Subpages

You can edit the layout of your subpages by clicking on the Subpages Layout tab while you are editing your homepage. The boxes show a representation of the structure of your subpages. This is almost identical to how you edit your home page. Just like your homepage, you can choose what widgets you want to go in the columns, and add, move, and remove them as you see fit. These will show up on every page of your website, with a few exceptions. Some website pages like Map Search have extra wide content that can replace the third column.

Editing Your Pages goes hand in hand with Widgets.

Note: Some templates have sections that are shared by all pages of your site (this only applies to certain layouts and will be indicated when you edit your homepage).