The Find Your Listings screen allows you to automatically keep all listings up to date by searching the MLS for all of your current listings and add/update them on your website for you. To find ALL of your listings, you simply need the MLS number for ONE of your active listings (having the Zip code for the listing may be helpful). Please make sure that it is an active listing, listings that are closed, pending, or under contract do not show up in the data feed.

If your listings cannot be found by our system, they will have to be added manually from the Manage Your Listings tab. For more information on, see Manual Listing Entry.

To access the Find Your Listings screen, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, and click Edit Website, then click Listings, then click Find Your Listings or Automatic.

The auto-update system will show you exactly what it found in the MLS based on the MLS# you provided. It will tell you who it thinks you are, based on the listing agent for the listing you provided. It will then show you all your active listings for that Listing Agent Name and all recent inactive listings.

If auto-update has identified you correctly and successfully retrieved your listings, click the Add Listings button at the bottom of your page and your listings will be added to your website.

If the information is not correct, use the Cancel button and try the MLS# for one of your other listings.

Sometimes you may have entered your name slightly differently when submitting different listings to the MLS. For example, you may have included your middle initial or used a nickname for one entry and then used your regular full name for another. If this is the case you will have to do the Find Your Listings step again using the MLS# of a listing that is still missing (one that uses your alias).

Some listings may not be eligible for auto-updates. For example, rental and commercial listings do not work with the auto-update feature. Also, residential listings sometimes cannot be found in our database, in which case you will have to add them manually.