As the owner of an Office Website, you can set up additional websites for the agents that belong to your office. If you are not the owner of the website you must have the owner approve additional websites before they can be created. Have the owner send an email to with account verification to approve the new child website.


The Agent Websites page shows you a list of all your Agent Websites: who the website belongs to, their domain (if they have one), Share Listings settings, if IDX is enabled, and links to view the website, go to the admin menu, or delete the website.

Once they are set up, your agents will have a great deal of control over their own websites. They can login to change their design, edit their pages and website content, add listings, and more.

As the Office Website owner, you have administrative privileges over the main Office Website AND all of the Agent Websites. You can do everything your agents can do and some things that they can’t. For example, you have exclusive control over anything that may incur a charge to your account, such as setting up domains for your Agent Websites.

Adding Agent Websites

To add a new Agent Website, click the “Add new associate website” button. Enter your agent’s account information and click the Next button. It may take up to a few minutes for the system to set up your new Agent Website. When it’s done, it will go back to your Agent Website page and show you a list of all your Agent Websites. From here you can edit them.

If you have used all of your allotted Agent Websites, you can get more by clicking the upgrade link. Or, for more than 25 Agent Websites, please contact Customer Support at (866) 645-7700.

Managing Domains & Email

If your main office website has a primary domain, your Agent Websites will by default inherit “subdomains” of that domain. For example: you register the name “” for your Office Website. You’ve already set up an Agent Website for Mary Jane. Mary Jane’s website will now be available at “”.

Your main Office Website also can create up to 100 email addresses, enough for all of your agents. Most offices will want to use the main office domain for this. Example:

If you want you can also give any of your Agent Websites their own primary domain. Domains and Email for an Agent Website are managed from within that Agent Website’s Admin Menu. Click on the “manage domains & email” link for the desired Agent Website (if the website already has a domain, click on the domain name). This will take you to that website’s Admin Menu » Domains & Email page. From here you can add a domain for your agent’s website just as you would for your own Office Website.

Note: Only you (the Office Website Administrator) have access to add domains. Your agents cannot add domains without you helping them because it may result in a charge to you.

Once a primary domain has been set up for an Agent Website, either you or the agent for that website can create up to 5 email addresses at that domain. Additional addresses are available for purchase, but again only the Office Website Administrator has access for this.

Note: If you give an Agent Website its own primary domain, the default subdomain will be replaced by that new primary domain in the system. However, the old subdomain will continue to work.

Sharing Listings

Click on the Share Listings icon to toggle the setting sharing listings ON or not sharing listings OFF for each Agent Website. When the Share Listings setting is ON for an Agent Website, all of its listings will also be displayed on your Office Website.

Both your Office Website and your Associate Websites have the ability to create listings manually and to auto-update them.

Note: Even though shared listings will DISPLAY on your Office Website, you cannot directly manage them from there. Shared listings are managed and edited by their respective Agent Websites.

The lead emails from shared listings go to the agent’s email address: the one defined in their Admin Menu » Settings » Email Notifications. So on your Office Website, if you’re sharing listings, the lead emails from your Featured Listings type pages will automatically go to the correct agent.

Note: Sharing listings is one of two ways to add your agents’ listings to the main Office Website. If you use both methods, you may get duplicate listings. For more information see Managing Your Office Listings.

Website Leads

Your website leads will most likely come from one of two places:

    • When a visitor registers.

    • When a visitor fills out one of the “Contact Us” type forms related to a listing.

All registered visitors (Clients) are stored in the LeadTracker section of the website they registered on. (This only applies to the “Pro” packages that include IDX and LeadTracker) So if they registered at the Office Website, they will show up in the LeadTracker section of the Office Website. If they registered at one of your Agent Websites, then the Client will show up in the LeadTracker section of that Agent Website. When a new Client registers, an email notification is also sent. By default this goes to the owner of the site: to you for the Office Website, or to your agent for the Agent Website.

When a visitor fills out a listings contact form, by default it will send an email to the owner of the website where they saw the listing. On the Office Website, if you have assigned an agent profile to that listing, then the email will be sent to the appropriate agent.

Hint: You can change the email notification settings on a website by website basis so that a copies of email notifications are sent to you in addition to your agent, or so that they are sent to you instead of your agent.

Enabling IDX (for Elite Office Pro only)

If you have the Elite Office Pro package, your Office Website comes with built-in IDX already enabled. When you create a new Agent Website, IDX will be turned on by default. If you want you can disable it. Click on the IDX icon to toggle the setting ON or OFF for each Associate Website. On the next page choose Yes or No, then click the Next button.

When IDX is enabled, MLS search type pages like Quick Search and Map Search are available on the Agent Website. The Agent Website will also have its own LeadTracker for tracking lead activity. If you disable IDX, these features become hidden and unusable.

Deleting Agent Websites

To delete an Agent Website, click the delete icon to the right of it. You will be asked to confirm that you do indeed want to delete the Agent Website. If you are sure, click Ok.

Note: When you delete an Associate Website, any domains and email accounts for that website will be lost. If you want to retain them, you will need to transfer them BEFORE deleting the associate website.