Your Listings interface allows you to add (manually or automatically), edit, view, and change listing settings such as status, visibility, and auto-update. To view a listing, simply click the blue link with the address and MLS number of the listing.

To access the Listings interface, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, and click Edit Website, then click Listings.

Listing Status

You can set your Listing Status into one of three categories: 

  • Active: The listing is available and will be displayed on your website.
  • Pending: The listing is in the process of being sold.
  • Sold: The property is no longer active. Marking a listing as sold allows you to feature the listing on your website by adding additional information about the property, such as the sold date, sold price, and any notes you may have.
  • Inactive Listings are highlighted in red on your Listings page and are your past listings that are no longer on the market. These listings do not display on your website. They will automatically be deleted after 100 days unless you change the status to closed or turn auto-update off so you can edit them manually. If your listing goes active again after a period of inactivity, the auto-updater will detect it and act accordingly.

Note: You cannot edit an active listing’s status if the listing is set to auto-update.

Visibility Status

On the Listings management page, there is a column titled Visible. Hiding a listing is a better alternative to deleting it (especially for auto-updated listings).

To change the visibility settings for a listing, simply click on the visibility icon for that listing.

  • If a listing is visible, it will be marked with an eye icon [] and will display on your website.
  • If a listing is hidden, it will be marked with a crossed out eye icon [] and hidden from website visitors.

If you are on a listing’s edit page, you will see a Hide this listing checkbox at the top of the edit page. This is another spot where you can control a listing’s visibility, but make sure you click the “Save Listing” button when done.

Note: Inactive listings are always hidden.

Deleting Listings

The process for deleting listings varies depending on the management settings for the listing.

  • If you Manually added a listing:
    • Auto Update OFF: Clicking the delete icon [] will ask for confirmation before deleting.
    • Auto Update ON: If the listing is still active in the MLS, It will reappear. To prevent this, you should hide the listing instead of deleting it. It won't appear on your website, but will remain on your Listings tab.
  • If you used Listing Auto-Update:
    • If the listing is active, instead of a delete icon, you will see a not mine link instead. Clicking this link will take you to a page confirming where the listing, and all listings associated with that agent are in fact not you. If the listings are not yours, click Remove Listings at the bottom of the page. This will turn off auto-update for all related future listings. If an auto-updated listing is yours, but you don't want to display it, you must hide the listing instead of deleting it.

Why can’t certain listings be deleted?

If you are using our auto-update feature, we search the MLS for all of your current listings and add/update them on your website for you. If we find a listing in the MLS that is not on your website (as judged by the MLS number and address), we will add it for you (even if you tried to delete it from your website). If we find the listing on your website, then we will not re-add the listing. That’s why it is better to hide auto-updated listings rather than to delete them.

If you do not want to feature any of your Inactive listings, you have the option of deleting them all from your Listings page. Please be absolutely positive that you do not want to feature any of these listings as Closed Listings before you delete them. Deleting them is irreversible. If you are positive that you do not want them, click the “Delete all inactive listings” link at the top or bottom of the Listings page. You will see a list of your Inactive listings. Review it carefully, then if you are sure you want to delete them all, click the “Delete Listings” button.


If you have one of our Office packages, chances are you’ll want to include not just your own listings on your Office Website, but listings for all your agents as well. Depending on who will be managing the listings, there are two ways to do this:

  1. Each agent manages their own listings:
    • Create an Agent Website for each of your agents.
    • Make sure the Share Listings setting is turned on for their website.
    • On their own Agent Websites, they will set up and manage their own listings.
    • Their listings will show up on both their Agent Website and on your Office Website.
    • Their listings will be managed from the Agent Website.
  2. You manage all the listings in one place:
    • Use “Find Your Office Listings”: to find the listings for yourself or one of your agents.
    • Repeat this step for each one of your agents, assigning which listing agent names belong to which agent profile in your agent directory.
    • Your agents’ listings will show up on your Office Website.
    • All of these listings will be managed from the Office Website.
      Note: Your agents may have their own copies of their listings on their respective Agent Websites that they manage independently, but “share listings” is turned OFF.

The only potential problem comes when you do BOTH of the above for the same agent. This will cause duplicate listings to show up on your Office Website. Otherwise, you can mix and match, allowing some agents to manage their own listings, while you manage the rest. With your website(s) auto-updating listings for you, there won’t be much work in managing listings anyway.

Share Listings

What does "share listings" mean? Share Listings is a setting to display an individual Agent Website’s listings on your Office Website. This agent will manage their own listings on their own Agent Website. Your Office Website will ALSO display those listings, but will not be responsible to manage them.

Note: As the Office Administrator you can still access your agent’s websites and manage them if needed.

Automatic Listing Updates

You have the option of setting your Elite Website to find and add your listings automatically. Listings that are set to auto-update are marked with an icon of blue circular arrows on the Listings tab in Edit Mode. To turn auto-update on or off, simply click the auto-update icon of the listing you wish to edit.

You can also set the auto-update setting from the edit screen of a specific listing.

Manual Listing Entry

Add new listings to your website or edit ones you've already created. This section covers how to manually input your listings from the Listings main page. Listings are ordered by the date on which they were entered in the MLS, with the most recently added listings first. If you have more than 25 listings, they are shown using multiple pages.

Listing Agent Names

A Listing Agent Name is the name that an agent uses to submit their listing to the MLS. When you find your listings we identify the name of the agent who owns those listings. Then in the future we auto-update the listings that we find with that agent’s name.