The Manage Defaults card on the settings screen allows you to configure a number of TurboLeads system defaults, including campaigns, email templates, text message templates, and more. Many of these defaults can save you time by streamlining repetitive tasks. For example, you can write your own email and text message templates to use when composing a response to a lead.

To access the Manage Defaults card, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, navigate to TurboLeads, then click Settings, and scroll down to the Manage Defaults section.

Follow up intervals

Set the default time interval to use for the due date when scheduling a follow-up task.


Automated drip email campaigns that help convert prospects to clients.

Email Templates

Customize the emails used for campaigns, auto-responses, and canned-responses for when composing an email. After selecting a template for a new email composition, you are free to edit the message before sending. We’ve written some default templates that you may find useful. Feel free to edit them, delete them, or create your own. Create a new template with the "plus" icon, delete a template with the "X" icon, or edit an existing template by clicking on it, changing the content, and saving.

Text Message Templates

Text message templates work just like email templates. You are free to use and edit our existing templates, or create your own from scratch.

Disqualified reasons

When you set the status of one of your leads to Disqualified, you are asked for a reason. You can customize the list of available reasons here. The reasons show up on the Win/Loss chart on your Reports page, and can be useful for determining which of your inactive leads are still viable.


Manage tags that are available to classify your leads. You can create new tags and customize your list here.

  • For ELITE OFFICE PRO Accounts - Allow agents to create new tags: Any new tags created will be available to every other agent in the account. If turned off, then agents can only choose from existing tag options and only the account Admin can create new ones.