Card Pages are a page version of the Cards Widget, but with the option to add additional custom content above and blow the page. Cards are displayed in a 3 column grid on desktop devices, and just a single column on mobile devices.

To add a Cards page, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Edit Website, click Pages, then Add a Cards Page.

Card pages are pre-loaded with template cards that are based on popular keyword search terms. You may keep or delete as many as you like, or customize them to your liking. Cards can be reorganized by dragging the card from the top left corner into place. 

New cards can be added by clicking the "Add Card" button at the end of your card list. New cards will inherit all the properties of the last card it sees in the list. 

Clicking EDIT on a card will flip the card over to edit its properties. You can change the card type, select the background image through your File Manager, choose from a large selection of icons, choose where the card will link to, and the card text.


Flip Card

The flip card uses a white icon and text over a tinted background. When hovered over, the card will flip over to show a negative of the card, with a black icon and text with a tinted white background image. 

You can choose to not display an icon by selecting "NONE" in the icon field.

Featurette Card

The featurette card foregoes the use of an icon and flip animation. This card uses a simple and slight zoom enhancement on the featured image on hover.

Sub-text under the main image is optional and appears by writing in the "Text 2" field.


Select an image from the File Manager to be used as the background image for the card. The image will be centered and will automatically adjust to the size of the card. 


Select the link option to link the card to a page, email address, phone number, or URL. 


Link to an existing page on your site. Select the page you want to use from the Page option then select from the Open Page In option whether this should open on the same page or a new window/tab.


Link to an email address. Enter the email in the field and select OK to save.


Link to a phone number. Enter the phone number in the field and select OK to save.


Link to anything you want. The full URL must be used. For instance, would need to be used instead of


Text entered here will show on the card. This field is optional. 

Text 2 (Featurette Card only) 

Text entered in the Text 2 field will show as sub-text below the card. This field is only available for the Featurette Card.