As the owner of an Office Website, you can create an unlimited number of agent profiles and display them on your Agent Directory – the Our Agents page. The Agents tab in Edit Mode shows you a list of all your agents, including a name, photo, contact information, listing agent names, and basic Agent Website information for each agent. The Agents tab only controls agent profiles for your Our Agents page. To edit your individual Agent Websites, click the Agent Websites button on the homepage of your Admin Menu.

You can manage your agent profiles from the Agents tab. From here, you can edit, add, delete, and define which listings belong to them.

Add/Edit Agent Profiles

When you view an agent profile from the Agents tab, it will look like this:

On the left is a drag handle  (You can click and drag this to reorder agents), the profile picture for the agent, along with their name, Listing Agent Names, and Agent Website. If they have no Agent Website, you’ll see a prompt to create one if you wish.

To add a new Agent Profile, click the Add a new agent profile button at the bottom of the page. To edit an existing agent profile, click the green Edit link for the profile you wish to change.

When Adding/Editing an agent there are 3 main areas to consider:

Agent Profile

This is the agent “branding” information that shows up on your Agent Directory page and on any listings that belong to this agent. It includes their name, photo, and contact information.

There is also a place for Additional Bio Info that will show up only on the Agent Details page. Both the contact information and bio info can be customized to your liking with our content editor.

Agent Profile Display Settings

There is a Hide this agent profile checkbox that lets you hide this agent from the Agent Directory page. You can also choose where to send visitors when they click on the agent’s photo (or if they click on the name or “more info” link). By default, clicking on an agent profile takes you to an Agent Details page for that agent. However, you can choose to link it to the agent’s website instead or a URL of your choosing.

Agent’s Listings

This is where you identify which listings belong to this agent. Remember that the listings for this agent will be “branded” with their agent profile that you’ve created. There are two potential sources for listings for any given agent:

    • Listing Agent Names from your Office Website (from when you did Find Your Office Listings in the Listings tab). Check the boxes of the listing agent names that belong to this agent. Also, type in the email address where you want any inquiries about their listings to be sent.

    • Shared Listings from this agent’s website. Choose which website (if any) belongs to this agent.

For more information see Managing Your Office Listings.

Hiding an Agent Profile

When you hide an agent profile, it applies only to the Agent Directory page. Any listings assigned to them will still be branded with their profile. While editing an agent profile, you can check or uncheck the Hide checkbox and then press the Save button. Or from the Agents tab, you can click directly on the visible/hidden icons [visible] [hidden] to toggle the visibility.

Link to Agent Details

By default, when you click on this agent’s photo or the “more info” link on the Our Agents page, it will take you to an Agent Details page on your Office Website. The Agent Details page is composed of the agent’s name, photo, contact info, and additional bio information. Note that by default the bio information is only shown on the Agent Details page. You can change this by editing the Edit Agent Directory page and checking the setting for “Show agent’s bio information on the directory page”.

If you want, you can link to a different web page instead: either the agent’s individual Elite Agent Website, or a custom URL. Your custom URL should be formatted as such:

Deleting an Agent Profile

To delete an agent, go to the main Agents tab and click the delete icon  to the right of the desired agent. You will be asked to confirm that you do indeed want to delete this agent profile. If you are sure, click OK.

Note: When you delete an Agent, listings for that agent are assigned back to “None” (any leads from those listings will go to you/the main Office Website).

Agent Login

The agent login for Elite Office accounts lets you give the ability to edit an agent profile, manage Listings and view leads to the agent themselves.

To give an agent access to their profile, first login to your Office account, and click the ‘Manage your agent profiles’ button. There you will be taken to a list of all your agents currently entered into your office account. Click the Edit button for the agent you would like to give access to. When you are editing their information, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see Agent Office Login.

Make sure you check the Create a user for this agent box, then enter in the email address and password they will need to login to the Office account with. Make sure that your password is longer than 6 characters. When you hit Save this agent, they will then have the ability to login to the Office account and make changes.

The Agent can now login and edit their profile information, view their leads and manage the listings by going to the admin login page of the office website and entering their username and password.

Note: Agents with this login information will only be able to change their specific profile page and will not be able to alter anything else on the website.