Visitor Registration requires users of your site to register before viewling MLS search results or listing details. You may also choose how much information to collect when a client registers. 

From the Admin Menu, navigate to the Settings drop down on the left and click Visitor Registration.

Why Require Registration?

Requiring registration on your listing and IDX search pages is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. 

We provide several registration options:

  • Teaser Registration: Allows your website visitors to view a set amount of listing detail pages before they are asked to register.
  • Always Require Registration: Your website visitors will be prompted to register before they can view any MLS search results or featured listings pages.
  • Never Require Registration: Your website visitors can browse your listings freely without being prompted to register. If they want to save their searches or save listings, or sign up for HouseTrack, they will have to register. (Packages with IDX only)

Registration Form (Simple)

By default, we recommend using the Simple Registration form. Customization options for your Simple Registration form include:

  • Requiring a password for their registration.
  • Include and require a name or phone number.
  • Using a CAPTCHA.
  • Including Facebook or Google single sign-on. For help with this, See Facebook Login, or please contact Customer Support.
  • Customize the Title Header and Text Body 

If you would like even to customize your form even further, you may opt to use Custom Registration form, found below the Simple Form option. This lets you choose the look and feel of your form, with editable inputs and choice in input order.

In addition to both types of forms, you may also choose to use a Registration Follow Up form, found at the bottom of the Visitor Registration Page. Like the Custom Registration form, this option lets you gather additional information past the standard name, phone, and email. This additional form appears immediately after initial registration.